ReQuena Jewish Women

In many traditional Jewish communities, women wear head coverings after marriage. This practice takes many different forms: Hats, scarves, and wigs often referred to as sheitels [SHAYtulls all cover and reveal different lengths of hair. Many women only don the traditional covering when entering or praying in a synagogue, and still others have rejected hair covering altogether. What is the basis for this Jewish practice, and what are some of the legal and social reasons for its variations? The origin of the tradition lies in the Sotah ritual , a ceremony described in the Bible that tests the fidelity of a woman accused of adultery.

Moreover, the students will taste the excellent typical dishes of the region Requena-Utiel. People interested can enrol in the web http: After the route of Requena, the last trip of this semester will be on May 6 to Alto Turia. In Chelva, historical capital city of the region, the students will explore its rich religious heritage which is a result of the cohabitation of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish culture until the 17the century. This Saturday April 1st, Erasmus and International Programme students of the UV will be able to explore the valuable and varied cultural and natural heritage of Requena.

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ReQuena Jewish Women
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