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Young spoke to me about the strength of Indigenous women who, she made clear, were the backbone of the Standing Rock movement:. We have been on a campaign for life, and it is our life struggle to maintain this river where we have lived all of our lives, under international principles of treaty that govern our relationship with the United States. As Indian physicist and Earth advocate, Dr. Vandana Shiva has said: From the heart of the ongoing Standing Rock movement to struggles to protect the Boreal, Amazon , and Congo Basin forests, and hundreds of places in between, women stand on the frontlines of global efforts to defend the land and heal our world. Yet, our voices often go unheard, even though we are speaking and acting with great strength and leadership.

They call on the bank to withdraw their funding of almost 15 million USD for the dams, as these projects don't meet its own social and environmental policies. Because the women are at the frontline of the protests against the dams. This puts even more pressure on the women in the indigenous communities, as they are the ones feeding their families and taking care of ill community members. GAGGA aims to rally the collective power of the environmental organisations and women's rights movement, which often work separately. Firstly, because it contains a gender perspective, looking specifically at how women suffer most from the megaprojects like hydrodams. Because just like in Ixquisis, the women who bear the burden of large-scale dams consequently also take the lead in the defense of the environment and their territories. Soon after, the women were invited to speak about the problem of air pollution with the minister of environment. AIDA has mapped and published the consequenses of the dams for the women and shows how their rights are being violated, at the same time neglecting the bank's own gender policy.

Finally, the Marvel Universe is celebrating strong women and giving them a platform to inspire young girls everywhere.

The number of women who've had miscarriages while in U. Anthony to Rosa Parks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there's been no shortage of women who weren't afraid to fight the good fight and change the world. In celebration of Women's History Month, we're putting the spotlight on the contributions of women in history by honoring the pioneers who made major advances in civil rights, women's suffrage, racial equality, environmental justice, reproductive rights, and much, much more. Ahead, we've rounded up the stories behind some of the most influential women, ever.

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Many human right defenders worldwide face criminalisation, stigmatisation, and violence — but women experience additional gender-specific threats. Critically, our research also highlights successful and inspiring work of women confronting extractive industries and corporate power. Despite the violent treatment they too often face, women defenders of land, people and nature have been visionary and creative. For instance, stigmatisation may involve sexually-degrading terms or question a woman as a good mother; the economic marginalisation of women can make it difficult to raise money for bail if arrested; private security, paramilitary and police officers protecting corporate interests have used rape, sexual violence, and intimidation against women human rights defenders. Importantly, women confronting extractive industries challenge not only corporate power, but also patriarchy — and they face repression on both fronts. Meanwhile, new research from AWID and the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalitionbased on consultations with women from Africa, Asia and Latin America, reveals clear gender-specific patterns of violence against women defending lands and communities — and looks at women's strategies for action and resistance to extractive industries and corporate power. Afro-descendant women organisers in Latin America. From Turkey to Guatemala, women are on the frontlines of resistance. Welcome to bath chronicle dating - thesite where genuine singles meet and form relationships. In conjunction with this announcement, USDA is launching an outreach effort to potential claimants that will include a call center for farmers and ranchers, a website, public service announcements, and in-person meetings around the country.

Meet Black Women in Aguas Zarcas
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